Best Magician Essex For Various Events

Magician Essex is committed to delivering the best performance possible, and will work with you to suit your needs.
Any occasion is right for one of Magician’s essex performances:

Staff Parties – Nothing brings a lighthearted break to the work day like a magic show! Magician will delight and amaze your coworkers for an unforgettable time!

Children’s Parties – Magician Essex was trained in children’s theater, and it shows! Children’s entertainment is one of his specialties.

Picnics – Think of how much fun it would be to have an unexpected guest show up at the picnic. A magic trick in itself, he will appear and disappear, leaving everyone scratching their heads.

Surprise Parties – Why not add another surprise to the mix? Magician Essex will surely come as a special treat.

School Shows-Live rabbit, live dove from a balloon, bigger magical tricks plus an assistant to help with magic, including a sound man.

Public Libraries– Same program as School Shows, except it has been scaled down

Table to Table Magic– in banquet rooms, restaurants, hotels, for kids night out. Close up magic can be done prior to stage shows or separately.

Showers – For a very unique shower, try having a master illusionist entertain your guests.
Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties – Talk about something different! Perhaps your bride or groom to be wants an alternative to the typical hen party or stag night. A magic show is the perfect solution!

Call Magician Essex today for your next special occasion! From the first moment to the last, this performance will surely impress even the most hardened cynic. Entertainment and audience engagement is The Magician’s focus and forte. He can create the perfect magic show for any occasion, adding a theatrical atmosphere and a dramatic flair. Any age, from 2 to 92, is the right audience.