Looking to buy Retro Toasters?

The domestic sandwich Retro Toasters, like our models to buy, was originally launched in the 1970s and after its initial household popularity it really found its niche in the student market making quick and easy snacks from left overs.

However, there were downsides – not only was it a bit of a chore to have to butter the outside of the bread, but often the fillings came out at temperatures akin to molten steel!

These, combined with greater focus on health and changing fashions meant that the humble sandwich toaster fell out of popularity somewhat for a few years – but now it’s back with a vengeance in a range of designs that are much slicker and more efficient than early models.


These Retro Toasters are available in various colours including silver, white, red, pink, black, grey and yellow and also in various sizes – the most popular are the two slice and four slice toasters.

The outer material is usually chrome, stainless steel or toughened plastic. A cheap two slice sandwich toaster will cost under 10, however you can expect to pay up to 50 for a top quality 4-slice toaster, and more than 100 for deep fill heavy duty kitchen devices such as those in the Buffalo Contact Grill range – these are more suited to the kitchens in restaurants, pubs and hotels.