How to Tune a Ukulele

When it comes to tuning of¬†Ukulele, electric tuner is the most accurate and easiest way to tune. Many of this can be found on local music shop and online too. These are not expensive and will definitely mate the process a lot simpler an easier. If you planning to purchase one make sure that it’s made to tune ukuleles or a chromatic tuner. Using a electric tuner is a straightforward process. Simply place tuner on your lap and clip it on headstock then pluck the string. Notes will be shown while you’re playing. You can also make use of tuning pegs for you to obtain desired note.

This is commonly referred to as relative tuning since you will need to tune the 4 strings relative to one another. This method is perfect as you’re wanted the strings to sound good together. However this is not that accurate since this will surely cause issues if you playing with others. Below are some tips that will help you tune.

A. The first string you needed to use as reference tune of three other strings is the (A).

B. Next, simply place finger behind the 5th fret on E-2nd string. This will be an a note. When you pick the initial string which (A) they mus sound alike. You may adjust the 2nd string will tuning pegs on headstock until they reach similar sound. Check UKULELE BUZZ for more info.


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