Private Detective Leeds

You may be familiar with the television show “Cheaters” of which we are the Cheaters Detective Agency of Leeds. To date, we have completed over one million investigative assignments and trained over ten thousand investigators.


Here are some of the professional services our clients receive:

Criminal Defense Investigations

Employee Dishonesty & Theft Investigations -Covert Camera Installations

Internal Employee fraud and theft detection

Pre-Trial Investigations & Litigation Support (Civil / Criminal / Domestic cases)


Undercover Operations -Covert Camera Installations

Witness Locates & Interviews (Corporate / Criminal / Personal Injury cases)

We conduct surveillance of workers compensation claimants or individuals who are the subject in a civil matter. The time and length of surveillance varies in each matter. Usually, a minimum of 4 hours is required. We can accommodate long-term needs as well. During surveillance, the claimant or individual’s activities are documented in written form and recorded by videotape and/or photo’s. We have a network of over 2000 agents nationwide to provide the best quality service at a reasonable price. After we complete an assignment, you are provided with an in-depth written report and a VHS copy of videotape of the individual’s activities. We are also available for providing interviews of co-workers, witnesses, family, etc.

If someone is involved in a traffic accident, or personal injury case, where there is damage or injuries, we can provide an indepth examination of the evidence and provide expert investigations regarding fault. Many time law enforcement will be involved. Sometimes the person may be cited by law enforcement for alleged violations of the vehicle code. Also, the investigating police officer may allege in his written report that you were “at fault” for the accident. If this is the case, you (or the opposing party) may be liable for civil or criminal penalties. Our investigators can provide “reconstruction of an accident.” Their reevaluation of the accident can help you in defense of civil or criminal allegations.

I hope find your Private Detective Leeds and he can solve your case with the best investigation.

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