Code of conduct for Parents / Carers

1. Encourage your child to learn the rules and play within them.
2. Discourage unfair play and arguing with officials.
3. Help your child to recognize good performance, not just results.
4. Never force your child to take part in sport.
5. Set a good example by recognizing fair play and applauding the good performances of all.
6. Never punish or belittle a child for loosing or making mistakes.
7. Publicly accept officials’ judgments.
8. Use correct language at all times.
9. Support your child’s involvement and help them to enjoy their sport.

Codes of Conduct for Captains, Coaches and Volunteers

The essence of good ethical conduct and practice is summarized below:

1. All captains, coaches and volunteers must:
2. Consider the well-being and safety of participants before the development of performances.
3. Develop an appropriate working relationship with performers based on mutual trust and respect.
4. Make sure all activities are appropriate for the age, ability and experience of those taking part.
5. Promote the positive aspects of the sport (e.g. fair play).
6. Display consistently high standards of behaviour and appearance.
7. Follow all guidelines laid down by England Hockey and Dereham Hockey Club.
8. Hold the appropriate valid qualifications and insurance cover.
9. Never exert undue influence over performers to obtain personal benefit or reward.
10. Never condone rule violations, rough play of the use of prohibitive substances.
11. It is the coach’s responsibility for defining a start time for sessions, which is 10 minutes after the coach is able to arrive at the session